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The Beeves are a Rock N’ Roll band from a small cow town, just outside of Denver, called Erie. To begin at the beginning, about four years ago, they emerged from their rural nest, and started busking on Pearl St in Boulder. The mentality was, “How the fuck do you book a show?”. And so it began.

About a year in, they were offered their first paying gig at a dive bar in Thornton. From then on, things started falling into place. They started meeting other local bands such as Meeting House who introduced them to their first recording opportunity in the form of Oliver Mueller from Fort Collins band Slow Caves. They recorded their first EP in the winter of 2016 in the comfort of mommy and daddy’s basement. 

Having finally garnered something of base, they began playing as much as humanly possible. Cutting their teeth at Denver’s premier DIY venue, Seventh Circle Music Collective, they earned a small but dedicated following. In the company of their BFF’s Meeting House, The Beeves set off on tours of the Midwest and West Coast in Matthew’s mom’s Toyota Sienna. Nothing could stop them now, except flat tires n’ shit. In the past three years, these young brave lads have played some of Colorado’s most beloved venues such as: The Gothic Theatre, The Bluebird Theater, Belly Up Aspen, The Oriental Theater, The Fox Theatre and more. 

In February of 2018, The Beeves were taken under the wing of the boisterous, self loathing, big boy that is Nate Cook (frontman/songwriter of The Yawpers). The young cherubs began work on their debut LP, with Nate serving as producer and Tyler Imbrogno, of Eldren, as co-producer/engineer. The project took only a week to record and mix. With 10 songs, a slide whistle and a tuba, it may be considered by some, “a perfect album”. After a long year and a half, the album is finally set to release on May 17th at The Fox Theatre in Boulder, supported by: Nate Cook, Meeting House and Augustus. Thank you, that is all. 

Vocals, Drums / William Ehrhart
Vocals, Guitar, Bass / Matthew Sease
Vocals, Guitar, Bass / Ian Ehrhart



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